Repair packing list

Describe the problem and the quantity of products packed, and fill in the required credentials.

When your Business Phone Repairs are sent in to Comtech-Phone-Repair, they are subjected to in-depth testing and evaluation. Comtech Phones has been in the Telephone Repair Service business for over 20 years, doing the highest quality and most competitively priced, Phone Repair and Phone Refurbishing work. You will be very happy with our phone repair work and our pricing. You can have confidence that your business phone repairs will be done in a timely and precise manner, and your phone repairs will be returned promptly looking like new. All business phone repairs are thoroughly sanitized for the safety and comfort of your employees. Please call us with any questions, or for a FREE UPS repair tag for shipping into Comtech Phones. We can be reached at 800-742-9126.


Fill out The Request Form

For a UPS Pick-Up Tag form, please provide the details about the shipment source and destination. Mention the product that you are sending, along with the quantity.


Pack the kit

Pack the phones and/or equipment in a box with crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, or other packing supplies so that the phones do not move around during shipping.


Use pre-paid label

Upon filling out the request form, you will be emailed a pre-paid label directly from UPS. Use this pre-paid label to drop the package off at any UPS location.